Finding Forrester

What do you mean, you don't know?
We wanted you to bring something,
not leave something.

Leave this one alone, man.
What was in your bag anyway?
l'm not talking about the damn bag.
Bet you ain't, man.
Let me teach you something.
Now watch the eyes.

He's probably watching you right now.
Stop. Stop. See?
You don't know about that, man.
Here's how you do it.
l'm not gonna do anything
to your car, man.

l'm sorry?
You look worried,
like l'll do something.

No, l worry about this car
everywhere, not just here.

-Don't take it personally.
-lt's just a car.

No, it's not just a car. lt's a BMW.
Those who know anything
about that company...

...know that it's more
than just a car.

Oh, those who know. So l wouldn't
know anything like that, right?

No, that's not what l meant.
Last thing l knew about BMW...
:17:54, they made plane engines
when they first started.

A guy by the name of Franz Popp
started it all.