Finding Forrester

Listen, you 5-foot-nothing.
He's probably still
sleeping in the crib.

Kenzo, how old are you again?
Look at your face!
Did your mom do that to you?

She started you young.
You know where that starts from?
Eating too much cookie.

Teresa told me. She told me.
l like them big. You got a problem?
l like them big.
That big?
lt's like when l'm with
all three of your mothers.

-You're not talking about my mother.
-Hold on, Oscar Mayer wiener.

Stop playing. You got beat
like Tina in school one day.

l seen Duke smack you up.
Listen, throw it at your mama.
Everything tilts towards your mama.
Your mama. Stop throwing your mama.
Why you laughing?
Yo, man, your glasses
are like Coke bottles.

-You ever met somebody famous?
-How famous?

Like, l don't know...
...somebody people would know.
Nobody like that
comes around here, man.

So, you here for good now?
Yeah, l'm just trying to get started.
Well, at least they look good.
This year's writing competition
has now been scheduled.

For those who choose to take part,
entries must be turned in...

...before spring break.
Meaning, you still have
a few months of procrastination.