Finding Forrester

Why you laughing?
Yo, man, your glasses
are like Coke bottles.

-You ever met somebody famous?
-How famous?

Like, l don't know...
...somebody people would know.
Nobody like that
comes around here, man.

So, you here for good now?
Yeah, l'm just trying to get started.
Well, at least they look good.
This year's writing competition
has now been scheduled.

For those who choose to take part,
entries must be turned in...

...before spring break.
Meaning, you still have
a few months of procrastination.

Feel free to experiment with
a more proactive approach. The--

Mr. Wallace!
l had a chance this morning...
:45:17 review the files sent over
by your former school.

Test scores, impressive.
Actual classroom work...
...not so impressive.
ls this...
...the level of work
l should anticipate, Mr. Wallace?

Because if it is...
:45:40 will help me determine whether
l should treat you as a student...

...or as someone here
simply to pursue--

How should l put it?
Other endeavors?
Of course your work will give you
ample opportunity to respond.

Good day, Mr. Wallace.