Finding Forrester

You ever read your own book?
ln public? Hell, no.
Barely read it in private.
You know those things you do,
that coffee-shop reading shit?

You know why they do it?
Sell books, l guess.
Because they want to get laid.
Really? Women will sleep with you
if you write a book?

Women will sleep with you
if you write a bad book.

-Did it ever happen to you?

Did you ever get married?
Not exactly a soup question, is it?
No. No, l never did.
l learned a few things
along the way...

...which might be of help with this
young lady you always talk about.

Like what?
The key to a woman's heart...
:04:57 an unexpected gift
at an unexpected time.

You're giving me advice on women?
Unexpected gift, unexpected time.
This is so unexpected!
This is so unexpected!
Oh, Jamal.
lt's not a first printing
or anything, but....

Oh, my God.
-What happened?
-This is a signed copy.

l can't accept it.
lt must've cost a fortune.

lt didn't cost that much. Really.
Maybe the bookstore missed it.
Bookstores don't
usually miss this stuff.

How did you end up going to Mailor?
Mailor was originally
an all-boys school.

So my father did what anyone
in his position would do.

He got on the board
and changed the rules.

And every kid there knows it.
They would've done it anyway.
That doesn't change anything.
l'm still ''Dr. Spence's daughter.''