Finding Forrester

:18:03 drive me back to the apartment.
l said, ''No, thanks.''
We were all still living there then.
l just stood there...
...and watched him drive off.
Makes it through
the whole goddamn war...

...and l let him drive.
Later that night...
...the nurse was typing
whatever it is they type...

...and you know what she tells me?
She tells me how much
my book meant to her.

My brother's getting cold
in the next room...

...and all she can talk
about is a book.

...everything changed from then on.
Within five months,
l buried him, my ma, my father.

All of them here...
:19:11 the Bronx.
We'd spent our summers here.
And if we were lucky, the fall.
A lot of falls with those teams.
Yeah, well...
...not enough.
''The rest of those
who have gone before us...

...cannot steady
the unrest of those...

:19:38 follow.''
You wrote that in your book.