Finding Forrester

Within five months,
l buried him, my ma, my father.

All of them here...
:19:11 the Bronx.
We'd spent our summers here.
And if we were lucky, the fall.
A lot of falls with those teams.
Yeah, well...
...not enough.
''The rest of those
who have gone before us...

...cannot steady
the unrest of those...

:19:38 follow.''
You wrote that in your book.
Jamal, l realize that
if l give you enough time...

:20:13'll find a way to amaze even me.
Does he know?
No, he doesn't know.
This was one of the best evenings
l've had in quite some time.

All of it?
Yes, all of it.
Well, l....
This guy, man.
How do you say you know
this guy again?

-He's my teacher.
-Oh, yeah?

Seems like a different kind of dude.