Finding Forrester

That is, if you don't screw it up...
:30:06 being a 1 6-year-old
right now.


-You got a call from the office.
-All right.

Mr. Wallace. Please.
As you know, Professor Matthews
is on the faculty board.

And Dr. Spence is chair
of the trustees board.

We've been reviewing the writing
competition submissions.

We were hoping you might clarify some
points concerning your submission.

''A Season of Faith's Perfection.''
Your piece, correct?
Yeah, that's it.
Mr. Wallace, it is standard policy
with us to ask students...

...if they wish to credit
any source material...

...or acknowledge any other writers
when turning in an assignment.

Do you wish to do that?
1 960.
An essay titled
''Baseball's Best Year''...

...with a subtitle that reads
''A Season of Faith's Perfection.''

Published in The New Yorker
and written by...

:31:32 William Forrester.
Your version is actually
quite original...

...but there is the title
and first paragraph to consider.

lsn't there?
Jamal, either you happen to have...
...the permission
of William Forrester, or....

Have you some other explanation?