Finding Forrester

...if they wish to credit
any source material...

...or acknowledge any other writers
when turning in an assignment.

Do you wish to do that?
1 960.
An essay titled
''Baseball's Best Year''...

...with a subtitle that reads
''A Season of Faith's Perfection.''

Published in The New Yorker
and written by...

:31:32 William Forrester.
Your version is actually
quite original...

...but there is the title
and first paragraph to consider.

lsn't there?
Jamal, either you happen to have...
...the permission
of William Forrester, or....

Have you some other explanation?
That's my paper.
Well, then,
your entry is now withdrawn...

...and it becomes a matter
for the board to consider.

The board does have the authority
to place you on academic probation...

...which would, among other things,
prevent you from playing basketball.

Since the board doesn't meet
till next week...

:32:25 can play in this
weekend's state championship.

But l have to warn you, the board has
a history of taking these matters...

...quite seriously.
So we would like to suggest
what we feel...

:32:39 a solution that
may satisfy these concerns.

What matters most is to ensure
this type of violation isn't repeated.

:32:51 will write an apology to the
students you took advantage of...

:32:55 submitting this piece.
-You'll read it in front of my class.
-l'm not reading anything.