So that also makes us murderers?
Must l explain that?

We were lucky.
We weren't lying in the trenches

but in pretty girls' arms.
Sure, we were lucky. Yes, we were.

No one wants a new war.
Germany needs new self-confidence.
With a Nazi salute? Horst Pressack.
Hey guys! l caught one.
You'll get him!
l'll call him Kurt.
See if you can do this!
Or this!
That looks nice.
And the moon rises.
Yes. Very nice.
Mind and body are one.
The personality is formed
by self-control and discipline.

She reminds me of my mother.
The fat woman?
The one with the drum.
Who was that?
Yes, who was it?
Honesty is part of it.
Ada still doesn't know
why she's here.

Your mother told me
to make a useful girl out of you.

And l will.
l'm afraid,
Ada has to go to her room.

She can't take part
in the group activity today.

Now line up!
Look this way!
The girl with the flowers.

And once again from the beginning:
one, two, three. . .