lt's gotta be Billie!
At last! lt's great you're here.
Hello, Berlin's most sinful voice.
Where did you get the snazzy car?
My little sweetie pie. Nice, huh?
Paid for with pleasure or money?
None of your business!
Shut up, and bring the lady's bags
to her chambers.

Mrs. Andersson.

Come with me!
l thought you were sold out.
What a sensation.
Hey, that's enough. Mrs. Anderson,
do we have a room for the lady?

This is Mrs. Andersson.
She does the cooking here.

Hey, fatty.
Your ivory tower's finished.

l'll just freshen up. See you later.
See you later.

My happiness is perfect now.
Are you inviting all of Berlin?
Princess, we're the guests,
not the owners.

You invited your friend.
l invited my girlfriend.

Where's the difference?
That's easy. Karl invited himself,
whereas you invite people to come
without asking me beforehand.
Now slow down.
The nice baron said:
''Make my home your castle.''

My friends are my home.
l don't want to be
reminded of Berlin.

So that's what's eating you!
Then spit it out.
l'm from Berlin, too.

They are a real success.
Listen. lt says here. . .
''Especially Billie Sunshine
is grand.''

l know.
Wonderful. lt also says:
''The most elegant woman in Berlin.''

Hey guys. You gotta see this.
''Frivolous. Even
the most perverse people blush.''

You look captivating.
Without you,
Berlin is just a provincial hole.

l think so, too.
We are the big hit, Kurt.