Harry, un ami qui vous veut du bien

She was a pain,
always telling me...

how intelligent
and sensitive you were.

I got quite jealous.
What a mixed-up kid!
The only girI I ever dated
who was hornier than me!

She wore me out!
With Plum, I've finally found
the perfect balance.

Right, baby?
Dick and I are in harmony.
We're perfect bedmates.

It's pure pleasure.
I call him Dick.
I don't llke Harry or Harold...

or his middle name, Richard...
so I call him Dick for short,
like in English.

Adele Cauchy, by the way,
introduced me to your poem.

Your poem?
His poem.
You wrote poetry?
You don't know his poem?
No. Tell me more!
I wrote a poem
for the school magazine.

"The Dagger
in the Skin of Night."

In what?
"The Dagger
in the Skin of Night."

Want to hear it?
You know it by heart?
I remember it well.
For me, it's a classic.
"Slowly, he moved forward...
"with his dagger
in the skin of night...

"taking, taking all his time...
"with his dagger
in the skin of plight.

"He sniffed the breeze...
"with his big grin
of overnight...

"smiling with all his teeth.
"Slowly, he moved forward...
"taking,taking all his time.
"From his side,
shot out a blade of steel...

"with his dagger
in its skin of steel.

"Then he started time to kill.
"On the breeze, he feIt a chill.
"On his skin, he felt a thrill.
"He was naked as an eel...
"with his blade
in skin of steel...

"with his big knife
of the night...

"unsure what to do or feel.