Harte Jungs

My name is Florian Thomas
but my friends call me 'Fly'.

You'll probably want to know
the whole story from the beginning
but I'm warning you

It isn't exactly Grimm's fairy tale. As
far as I know there isn't a big ending
everyone lives happily ever after.

But there is definitely
a big beginning.

Hey! Hello! Wake up!
Have you got cotton in your ears?

Finally paying attention.
Today's the first day of
the rest of our life.

Our life?
Yep, just the two of us.
At that moment, realised that there
were mysterious forces of nature
that one didn't always understand.

Florian, breakfast.
And even worse,
I soon learned that these forces
were impossible to control.

Psst, slowly look to your right.
Florian, pass the milk please.
Florian, would you please
pass your aunt the milk.

There's nothing as delicious as
creamy fresh milk.

Mmm, especially when it
comes in containers like those.

Watch it...!
Oh, Florian!
It's alright, really.
I'm sorry.
Look, honey.
The drama department will be
performing 'Romeo and Juliet' this
weekend at Florian's high school.

Shakespeare? Not again.
Is there some reason you're not
performing? All your friends
seem to have parts.

Yeah, because their folks are
all forcing them.

I'd love to see you
play the part of Romeo.
Your father played him so well.

Remember, dear?
And I was your Juliet.
And you were the best one ever.