Harte Jungs

Can anyone tell me
what the tangent's radiant is?

Florian? Florian?
Stand up and
give us the answer.

He's already up
just look.

Ah, summertime.
The heat, the hard bodies.

Oh, what selection
what variety!

Everywhere you look
something is hot.

I know what you're thinking...
that he doesn't exist without me.

But you're wrong.
2 hours later
Look at that tasty treat...
or that one.
They've definitely got
my pilot-light going.
How can you be cold?

Not only was I seeing boobs butts
and bodacious babes everywhere,

but this voice in my shorts
was driving me bonkers.

C'mon, let's go for a swim.
What are you waiting for?

Let's go. Buddy.
I'm shrivelling.

Since he put it that way
I had no choice.

It's like he had a mind of
his own. And his mind only
focuses on one thing.

Man! What was wrong with me?
I decided to research my problem.

But I couldn't find any answers
in the books I had.

Any good booby shots in there?
Hey, piss off!
Out of desperation I decided
to turn to the two people
who had brought me into the world.

Well, Florian
it's a little hard to explain
but it's simple biology.

The woman gets
a warm feeling in her...

and the man may also...
also have a warm stiff...