Harte Jungs

but this voice in my shorts
was driving me bonkers.

C'mon, let's go for a swim.
What are you waiting for?

Let's go. Buddy.
I'm shrivelling.

Since he put it that way
I had no choice.

It's like he had a mind of
his own. And his mind only
focuses on one thing.

Man! What was wrong with me?
I decided to research my problem.

But I couldn't find any answers
in the books I had.

Any good booby shots in there?
Hey, piss off!
Out of desperation I decided
to turn to the two people
who had brought me into the world.

Well, Florian
it's a little hard to explain
but it's simple biology.

The woman gets
a warm feeling in her...

and the man may also...
also have a warm stiff...
Let me handle this, Petra.
Y'see, Florian... it's all biological.

The human body is
like any well-oiled machine.

The heart pumps blood
into all the vital organs.

And then, when the man is
excited by the woman...

Because he is
so in love with that woman...

Well, a lot of blood
rushes down to his...

I mean, this isn't a woman
that the man has met casually
just walking down the street.

He's dreamed about her his whole life.
In fact he wants to tie the knot.

Petra, would you stop interrupting?
We're not discussing marriage here.
This is biology.

I don't want him to think
he can have these feelings lightly.

You feel this way about girls
who are very very special.

Now, as I was saying
the blood is pumped...

and the wee-wee gets larger...
and larger... and closer and...
What your father is attempting to
say is that the man puts his we-wee