Harte Jungs

...he puts it into
the woman's flowerpot.

It's better if you stay out of this.
Why is that?
Because you're confusing him.
Where did you get 'flowerpot'?

Well, your 'wee-wee' sounds
like a piglet in a nursery-rhyme.

Look, Florian
what we're trying to say is
this thing between your legs is...

...not only used just to
go to the toilet.

It's like a very good friend.
You have your whole life ahead of you.

Life is like a long road-trip
and it can be a lonely
one at times.

So it's nice to have
a dear friend along for
the company and support.

Parents mean well
but this was serious.

So I decided to consult
the most manly guy at school.

If Coach didn't know
what was wrong with me
I knew no-one would.

I'm tuned-in. Son.
I know exactly what's happening.

Many guys experience
what you're going through.

I'm not unique?
That's right.
And you mustn't go through
life always being ashamed. In fact
for many years, I was ashamed.

You were?
Are you anxious
about your problem?

Yeah, well, sort of.
It wants to control me.

I hear it telling me to...
Listen, none of that matters.
Don't forget.
Homosexuality is totally normal.

And you are normal.
Thanks for your help.
I was getting nowhere, fast.
The only person I had left to talk
to was my best friend Red Bull.

All I can say is it is
definitely about time, Fly. Here.

Are you positive?
No question. If your willy hadn't
started talking to you with
all these women running around