Harte Jungs

Entire sentences?
How come you had to go
and broadcast it to everyone?

What does he say to you?
Stuff... I don't know.
I guess mostly he gives me advice.
Is he good at math?
I could use some help
with my homework.

Awesome, dude.
My banana doesn't speak to me.

That's because you don't have one.
It's understandable.

Sshh, can it Sean.
We have a 'babe-alert'

Oh, my God!
She's a bomb!
My sister said Leone slept
with the entire football team.

You bitch.
I'm going to sign up for football.
At that second it struck me
like a flash of lightning.

This was that special girl
mom was talking about.

There's our flowerpot.
Leone... even her name
sounded like sweet music.

Hey, bonerhead, wake up.
Let's follow her.

Just put one foot in front of
the other. It's called walking.

Look out, here comes Kye.
/Move it, geek!

I suppose you heard what
Kye did to Kevin last Monday.

No, what?
He held the guy over
the dirtiest toilet in school,

It hadn't been cleaned in forty years
and he gave the kid a 'swirly'
He even tried to flush him down.

You know what that was all about?
Because Kevin looked at
Leone a little too long.

That was all?