Harte Jungs

Want to say anything, Florian?
I have something to say.
Who are you?
I'm Kyle.
Someone else got suddenly sick so
I've decided to step in and take
over their part in the play myself.

Show off.
Not only do I have to learn all of
the lines for Romeo but the class
psychopath is out to get me now.

Don't worry about learning all
those lines. Casper won't get sick.

Kyle won't be able to get near you.
You're never alone.
You've got us, your friends.

That's right.
There's safety in numbers.

If that moron Kye ever comes near you
I'll teach him a lesson.

Listen to me real good, you little rug rat.
You stay away from my girl friend
do you understand?

Your middle name is
going to be changed to 'swirly'

If I ever catch you looking at
her again... is that clear?

According to my encyclopedia, full moons
make people a little wild and
bring out tremendous passions in them.

Nine months later many
babies are born.

Oh, my god.
She wants to have sex with me.
Oh, man, that's awesome!
Oh, man, that's awesome!
She's a real pro.

Well, I'm not.
She's going to expect a real lot
from you 'cos she knows
what she's doing.

And you, you've got to get ready.
You've got to be a sex-machine.
Women always want a lot.
You've got to make her see stars.

Hey, if she's not satisfied,
you can never show your face around school.

Oh, man!
I hear she's done every position
in the Karma Sutra.

Remember when you got that
remote-control car a few months ago?

It came with a manual to operate it.
Yeah, so?
Well, the Karma Sutra is like a manual
on how to operate women.

Yeah, but girls don't come with them.
You have to buy them separately.

Hey, Red.
I've got a bad feeling about this.