Harte Jungs

let's rehearse this like a movie.

Here we go...
places everyone and...

Come cruel...
What the hell are you doing?

Professor, you said 'action'.
Kye, you're playing a musician.
Yeah, so?
Musicians don't carry weapons.
They carry guitars... hey!

What's up?
I was more and more convinced
there was something wrong with me.

I mean, everywhere I looked,
I saw Leones.
Big Leones...
Little Leones...
Thin Leones...
Fat Leones
They were everywhere.
I was so worried about Friday
and time was running out fast.
Florian, what's going on?
Well, I like this one person but
I'm so nervous around her

that I haven't been able to tell her yet.
She won't want to know anyway.

Don't be so negative.
So I thought it would be nice to
buy her a present.

Yeah, a flavored condom.
Oh, really? What for?
Just so she'd notice me.
I'd get her attention.
How about a ring?
You mean it?
To remember me
when I'm not around.

I hope you know her finger size.
I'd say she's just about your size.
Then I guess I should keep you company
when you go to get the ring.

Does Friday work?
That'd be great.
Ok, that's perfect.
Red Bull's next lesson concerned
other people's privacy and how to
effectively invade it.