Harte Jungs

Ok, here's my final
rock-bottom price...

5 bucks.
Hey, I'll give you three.
Wait a minute. Give me four and I'll
throw in this extra strength
water-balloon, alright?

This balloon is not sold in stores.
It can hold over a gallon of
water without exploding.

Electronically tested
it's guaranteed to perform.

And best of all
it holds its shape
even thrown off the fourth floor.

4, 5 bucks
5, 6, 7, 8 bucks
Anyway, Mistress Vanya kept
telling me to kiss the carpet.

I don't know how often
you clean your carpet but...

No no no...
kissing carpet is when...

well, you know...
when you kiss a girl 'down there'.

Why would I want to do that?
It drives them wild.
It's the warm-up, called foreplay.
You'll want to remember it
when you get in there.

What's it like?
Like... it's like...
I can't describe it.
It smells like...
You're kidding.
Like dead rabbit.
How long dead?
Well, think of a rabbit hit
by a gigantic truck

and left by the side of the road
for a few days. It smells like
mayonnaise in a sauna.

I don't know if I can do it.
I've got a weak stomach.

Women get angry
If you don't do this foreplay first.
But maybe, since we're paying for it
she'll make an exception for you.

This is it, buddy.
You know, maybe this isn't such
a good idea. Let's just go home.

What do you want?
We're here to see Mona.
For what?
For my friend here.
Tell her I'll do anything...