Harte Jungs

It drives them wild.
It's the warm-up, called foreplay.
You'll want to remember it
when you get in there.

What's it like?
Like... it's like...
I can't describe it.
It smells like...
You're kidding.
Like dead rabbit.
How long dead?
Well, think of a rabbit hit
by a gigantic truck

and left by the side of the road
for a few days. It smells like
mayonnaise in a sauna.

I don't know if I can do it.
I've got a weak stomach.

Women get angry
If you don't do this foreplay first.
But maybe, since we're paying for it
she'll make an exception for you.

This is it, buddy.
You know, maybe this isn't such
a good idea. Let's just go home.

What do you want?
We're here to see Mona.
For what?
For my friend here.
Tell her I'll do anything...
but foreplay.
Foreplay? I can't believe it.
You blew the gig. He was about
to let you in, Fly.

You wait right here, Ok?
And let me arrange it. Uh?

All this because of you.
Hey, I'm worth it, buddy.
Listen, I really appreciate you setting
this up. It's very nice of you.

Have a good one.
Well, what did he say?
The guy was nice.
He even took our cash
so we're paid in advance.

They were all booked up for today.
But tomorrow, at 12:00 noon
you have a date with Anita.

Women are just like cars
you know what I mean?

No. How do you figure?
I read somewhere that a healthy
relationship shouldn't last more
than about 4 years or so.

Yeah, but my parents have been
together for...

Yeah yeah yeah, I know.
But your folks aren't normal.

Biologically it takes a couple
about 4 years to have a child
and when it walks