Harte Jungs

the man goes on the hunt
for the next woman.
It's scientifically proven.

Really? But what...
Hey, no 'buts'.
That's why mankind has
existed for so long.

That's why you hear
a little voice, telling you what to do
"Boy, look at that babe... and that!"

Alright, even if it's true
what's it got to do with cars?

I'm coming to it.
Y'see, most people keep their car
for four years and then
hey trade it in.

The ignition breaks, the tires wear out
and on and on and on...

With women the same thing happens.
They start to fall apart.

Then it's time for all kinds of
plastic surgery...

silicone implants, liposuction,
everything under the hood.

Before you know it they're
nickle and diming you to death.

A woman wears down just
like car's transmission.

That's why so many men
marry secretaries.

All these secretaries are
20 years old, fresh and new, like
the parts in an auto-assembly line.

They wait for the bosses wife
to crumble and rust.

Not all marriages end up like that.
Tell me, whose folks are
still together?

Mine are.
I told you're parents are not
exactly normal. They're like
a disaster waiting to happen.

Aunt Zelda...
Are my dad and mom really
happy together?

What kind of a question is that?
It's just that all of my friend's
parents are divorced or split up.

Or having affairs.
Yet my dad and mom seem so content
and happy with each other.
Is that normal?

Oh, Florian.
Don't worry about your folks.
Your mom and dad are good together.
They get along very well
and are happy.

And tonight they're having a romantic
evening to celebrate their love.

Phone sex.
Don't pretend you didn't hear me.
Telephone sex!

Please keep your voice down
everyone can hear.

I'll speak as loud as I please.
I repeat, telephone sex!
How are you able to have sex
with a telephone?