Harte Jungs

You've been calling up girls
for sex on the phone.
/That's disgusting.

What are you talking about, Petra?
You can't recall?
Well then, perhaps this girl Candy
or maybe Mistress Vanya will
refresh your memory.

What is this?
How disrespectful to call them
from our home!

Where our innocent boy could overhear.
What example are you setting
for our son?

And to have the nerve to put
these filthy calls on my credit card!

She can grease me up like that
any time she wants. Do you
think we can get a good-night kiss?

Time to turn off your light
young man. It's late.

Tomorrow will be another long
hard day. You'll need a good sleep.

Who needs a good sleep?
Introduce me!

I had less than 24 hours
to prep for Leone

and I hadn't even kissed a girl yet.
Now, rest well, Florian.
Sweet dreams.
/Here comes that kiss.

Here's our chance pal...
slip in the tongue.

You idiot!
Hey! A little tongue is
better than nothing.

Cute little white bunny rabbits.
A carpet of them.
Foreplay on the carpet...
girls love it.

Carpet tastes like dead rabbit.