High Fidelity

Which brings us to number one
on the top five, all-time breakup list:

Alison Ashmore.
Candy on the beach
There´s nothing better

One moment they weren´t there. Not in
any form that interested us, anyway.

And then the next,
you couldn´t miss them.

They were everywhere,
and they´d grown breasts.

- And we wanted...
- I want candy

Actually, we didn´t even know
what we wanted.

- I want candy
- But it was something interesting.

- Disturbing, even.
- I want candy

- My relationship with Alison Ashmore
lasted for six hours:
- I want candy

the two hours after school,
before The RockfordFiles...

for three days in a row.
But on the fourth afternoon...
Kevin Bannister.
lt would be nice to think that
since I was 14, times have changed...

relationships have become
more sophisticated...

females less cruel...
skins thicker,
instincts more developed.

But there seems to be an element
ofthat afternoon in everything
that´s happened to me since.

All my romantic stories are
a scrambled version ofthat first one.

Number two on the top five, all-time
breakup list was Penny Hardwick.

Penny was great-looking...
and her top-five recording artists
were Carly Simon, Carole King...

James Taylor, Cat Stevens
and Elton John.

I remember when rock wasyoung
- Me and Susie had so much fun
- Erin! No, come here!

Holdin' hands and skimmin´ stones
- Hadan oldgold Chevy
andaplace of my own
- She was nice.

Nice manners, nice grades, nice looking.
She was so nice, in fact,
that she wouldn´t let me put my hand...