How the Grinch Stole Christmas

Arbor Day was fine,
and Easter was pleasant...

...and every Saint Fizzin's day,
they ate a Fizz pheasant.

But every Who knew,
from their twelve toes to theirsnout...

...they loved Christmas the most,
without a single Who doubt.

-Farfingle's welcomes you!
-Thank you.

Merry Christmas!
Thank you for shopping Farfingle's!

We got a snoozlephone
for your brother Drew...

...and a snoozlephone for your brother Stu,
a muncle for your uncle...

...a fant for your aunt
and a fandpa for your cousin Leon.

So, we just need.... Cindy?
Sale on Aisle 3!
-Cindy Lou!
-Merry Christmas.

Hello, Myrna. Merry Christmas, Fred.
Excuse me.

Cindy Lou? Honey?

Doesn't this seem like a bit much?
This is what Christmas is all about!
Can't you feel it?
Merry Christmas!
Thank you for shopping Farfingle's.
Wait a second!

Your change!
Another minute closer to Christmas!
And, for the next five minutes only,
99 percent off!

Yes, every Who down in Whoville
liked Christmas a lot...

...but the Grinch,
who livedjust north of Whoville...

...did not.
Get on it, girls.
All the good mistletoe's at the top.

-Hey, Drew, I'll race you!
-Notif I race you first.

Last one to the top is a stinky old Grinch!
You guys, where are we?
l think we should go back.