Italiensk for begyndere

Sit on the bed.
I'll take these.
All right?
Hello, Carmen.
Shall I help?

It's Karen... I need some
clean clothes for my mother.

Yes ... If you want a chat
I'm in the nurses' station.

She needs a shower.
If I could have a towel ...

Have two.
Up you get ...
My tummy hurts so bad ...
Have you eaten at all today?
No. I promise I'll try.

Come on, I'll wash your hair.
Yes ... I threw up on it.
Sit down.
Let's see ...
Did you bring me anything?
I came straight from the salon.

You're such a cow.
Will you take this ...

You promised
to bring me something.

I mustn't give you anything
while you're on medicine.

That's not your concern.
No, but it's not allowed.

You should do what I tell you.
Mum, let go. Let go!

There's nothing special about
a bloody ladies' hairdresser.

Groping the hair
of strangers for money.

Nobody rates you.
Relax, Mum.