Italiensk for begyndere

Come on, I'll wash your hair.
Yes ... I threw up on it.
Sit down.
Let's see ...
Did you bring me anything?
I came straight from the salon.

You're such a cow.
Will you take this ...

You promised
to bring me something.

I mustn't give you anything
while you're on medicine.

That's not your concern.
No, but it's not allowed.

You should do what I tell you.
Mum, let go. Let go!

There's nothing special about
a bloody ladies' hairdresser.

Groping the hair
of strangers for money.

Nobody rates you.
Relax, Mum.
Mum, we've got to wash your hair.
You can have a smoke afterwards.

The kingdom of God does
not come in observable form.

"We could not say Look, here it
is!" "Or Look! There it is!"

The kingdom of God
is in your midst or inside you.

The Gospels may be understood ...
How primitive!

The gospels may be
understood both ways.

No, no, no.
God only exists as a concept.
We are guilty.

You are guilty.
The sisters point out that
you can cancel for less than three.