Italiensk for begyndere

And you don't think you
have a right to mercy ...

Hello. I started last time.
Welcome to the class, Andreas.

This is Halvfinn.
I told you about him.

Andreas is staying at the Scandic -
until the vicarage is vacant.
He's the temporary minister.

Hello. Can you all understand
what I'm saying?

Yes, we ...
Right. My name is Ulrik.
You've no blackboard here?

I'm the one in the side building.
I teach the stoneware class -

and ceramic jewellery.
I expect you've heard about us.

Both classes are oversubscribed.
Marcello Merconledi
isn't coming back.

He didn't make it.
He was an extremely good
colleague and a very nice teacher.

Will our course be cancelled?
The council is looking for a tutor.

But it's difficult,
and there are only seven of you.

Yes, for now!
The minimum is eight.

I'd love to have you in my classes,
but I am so much in demand.

And you don't teach Italian.
No, that's true.
I think you should
quietly pack your bags -

and go to your homes and
see which way the wind blows.