...5,6,7,8,9, 10.
One thousand and one.
Your fees for getting
the house evacuated.

You may keep the one buck.
Bihari, you are great!
It looks absolutely real!
Here's your share of
...10, 10 and 5.25000.

We do the threatening and breaking.
And this scoundrel,
Bihari reaps the rewards

I say to hell with Bihari.
Why don't we do direct
dealing with Chaudhary?

The idea is good but Bihari
forges the property papers.

Who will do the writing for us?
Little guy!
My brother!
You rogue! You've turned
stylish! Like a Bombayite!

But you are just the same.
Come on, Vasco is that way.
Mother! Come downstairs!
Rahul has come back!

Chottu, get the bagsout.
He looks terrific!
Then what? Whose brother is he?
I've thought of a great plan for us.
- Me too.
- You say first.

We all will live in Bombay.
Life is great there.