Little guy!
My brother!
You rogue! You've turned
stylish! Like a Bombayite!

But you are just the same.
Come on, Vasco is that way.
Mother! Come downstairs!
Rahul has come back!

Chottu, get the bagsout.
He looks terrific!
Then what? Whose brother is he?
I've thought of a great plan for us.
- Me too.
- You say first.

We all will live in Bombay.
Life is great there.
Man's luck changes in a minute.
What is left in Vasco? Will
mother agree to come to Bombay?

The guys selling the caftan
made a fool out of you.

There's a hole in this.
Give it back to Rahul. He'll
return it. He's going back.

- You're going back?
- Not alone. All of us will go.

I'll open a big fast food restaurant.
Indian, foreign every style.
Mr. Shetty will put up the
capital and my training.

In a year, I'll take you
to the skies, mother!

I don't want to reach anywhere.
I will stay here.

- But mother, over there...
- You may go.

- Leave tomorrow itself.
- No, mother.

- I'm here for a month.
- Why are you wasting time?

You've seen the place.
You've fixed everything.

Why did you come here?
You could have written.

Pack this in his bag. Invest what
you get on returning it in your hotel.