I'll give you two box fulls.
Take them to Bombay.

And think of your mother there!
How about if I eat all
these chips right here?

What do you mean?
I mean, I have made a decision.
I won't go to Bombay.
- Really?
- Yes, I'll stay here. With you.

- I'll open a small shop here.
- That's great!

Are you happy, mother?
Don't worry about the shop.

I'll fix everything
tomorrow. Little guy!

You've won the jackpot, uncle!
My brother adores your
shop that's lying vacant.

I'll take it on rent.
I'll pay 500 a month.

Okay, I'll pay 600 but paint it.
I want 25000 as deposit.
And 5000 rent per month.
Talk if it's acceptable.

Are you giving the Taj?
Why are you interrupting?
- Give it happily or...
- Let me talk.

What do you want to say?
I'm just beginning.
I need your co-operation.

- If you...
- I see, I see everything!

He's threatening me from
there! Hooligan! Ruffian!

Old man! You think we're crazy?
Even pigeons don't lay eggs
in that ruin of yours!

If I don't go what will you do,
you land grabbing swindler?

He took the land when
his landlord died.

He's asking for 5000 when he
doesn't pay the rent himself!

You bald...!
Call a midi or a bell-bottom!
- Call anybody...
- Brother, let go!

I'll see who comes to your help!
Let go of uncle.