What do you want to say?
I'm just beginning.
I need your co-operation.

- If you...
- I see, I see everything!

He's threatening me from
there! Hooligan! Ruffian!

Old man! You think we're crazy?
Even pigeons don't lay eggs
in that ruin of yours!

If I don't go what will you do,
you land grabbing swindler?

He took the land when
his landlord died.

He's asking for 5000 when he
doesn't pay the rent himself!

You bald...!
Call a midi or a bell-bottom!
- Call anybody...
- Brother, let go!

I'll see who comes to your help!
Let go of uncle.
Should I hold you?
Let go or I'll chop you right here!
I say, leave him! Let go!
Why did you interfere?
I'd have dealt with Max!

Mother is right, you are out of hand!
The shop is our of our hands.
Would your fisticuffs
have got it for us?

- Of course! - That is how
we have to set tenants right.

You being a gentleman won't
work in this business.

Then what will work?
Bichhu's gang hooliganism?