Keeping the Faith

No, wait, you know what? Actually,
I remember exactly how we met...

'cause, well, it was sort of
one of those defining moments.

Well, after that we were
pretty much inseparable.

Now, Jake and I were definitely
what you'd call "late bloomers."

And your average seventh-grade girl's
attentions can be pretty fickle.

But not Anna.
Her loyalty to us was constant.

Anna was the friend
that every 13-year-old boy dreams of.

You know, that magical cross between
Jonny Quest and Tatum O'Neal in Foxes.

Yes! Yes!
Yeah, we were some trio. Anna used
to call us "two Micks and a Yid."

She was gonna make T-shirts.
You know, there's eight million
people in New York...

but when the three of us were together
it felt like we were living
on our own little island.

But New York is an island.
I'm trying to sprinkle
a little fairy dust here.

- I'm-- I'm trying to tell a story.
- I'm terribly sorry.

- Continue. Go on. Sprinkle away.
- Mm-hmm. Okay.

Well, then disaster struck.
The summer after eighth grade,
Anna's father got a job in California...

and just like that,
she was gone.

Well, as for me and Jake, our friendship
just got stronger and stronger.

In most ways, we were like
any other two kids in New York...

but our relationship did have
this one unusual component--

we were fascinated
with each other's religions.

He showed me
the secret rituals of Judaism...

and I let him in on
the Catholic mysteries.