Keeping the Faith

- That's very cute.
- Brian Finn.

Paulie Chopra.
Okay, well-- Now, you see
this kid on the left?

- Mmm.
- That was my best friend Jake.

- He's a priest too?

No, um, as it--
as it turns out, Jake's a rabbi.

Come on. A priest and a rabbi?
I think I've heard this one.

No, look, I've heard all those, and,
trust me, you have not heard this one.

Okay? So there's this priest and
this rabbi, and they're best friends.

- Mmm.
- But before they were
a priest and a rabbi...

they both knew this girl.
- Ah, the girl.
- Yeah.

- Who's the girl?
- That's Anna Reilly.

Reilly? Let me guess.
She became a nun?

Not quite. Not quite.
See, we all met in the sixth grade
at P.S. 84 right here in Manhattan.

I think I already knew Jake,
and then we both met Anna.

No, wait, you know what? Actually,
I remember exactly how we met...

'cause, well, it was sort of
one of those defining moments.

Well, after that we were
pretty much inseparable.

Now, Jake and I were definitely
what you'd call "late bloomers."

And your average seventh-grade girl's
attentions can be pretty fickle.

But not Anna.
Her loyalty to us was constant.

Anna was the friend
that every 13-year-old boy dreams of.

You know, that magical cross between
Jonny Quest and Tatum O'Neal in Foxes.

Yes! Yes!
Yeah, we were some trio. Anna used
to call us "two Micks and a Yid."