Keeping the Faith

Got it. Got it.
Need it. Got it.

Jake was just one of those
special kids, you know.

He was smart, popular.
Everything came easy to him.
He just had that kind of aura about him.

You took one look at this kid
and you knew he could do anything
he wanted with his life.

Jake's family had been in the investment
banking business for three generations.

His father and his brother Ethan
both tried to convince him
to join them at the family firm.

I think he gave it some serious thought,
but in the end he decided he wanted
to do something different with his life.

When he made his decision
to become a rabbi, he did it
with great confidence and resolve.

I don't want to listen to any of you!
Jake and I went off to seminary
the way other guys go off to the army
or the Peace Corps.

It was an adventure.
Newly ordained as masters of theology,
we were both assigned
back to New York City...

where we quickly confronted
the practical aspects of our jobs.

Oh! Jesus!
And despite these early setbacks,
we eventually found our groove.

- Take it nice and easy.
Win 'em over slowly. Okay?
- Okay.

Shabbat shalom, everyone.
Before we get started,
I want you all to do me a favour.

I want everybody in the back there
to come on forward and fiIl up
these first three rows here.

Oh, guys, come on.
Let's try one more time. Shabbat shalom!

- Shabbat shalom!
- Thank you, Mom.

Ma'am, you in the back.
Yes, you. Come on.