Keeping the Faith

Oh! Jesus!
And despite these early setbacks,
we eventually found our groove.

- Take it nice and easy.
Win 'em over slowly. Okay?
- Okay.

Shabbat shalom, everyone.
Before we get started,
I want you all to do me a favour.

I want everybody in the back there
to come on forward and fiIl up
these first three rows here.

Oh, guys, come on.
Let's try one more time. Shabbat shalom!

- Shabbat shalom!
- Thank you, Mom.

Ma'am, you in the back.
Yes, you. Come on.

God hates a solo artist,
I promise you.

We're gonna be the Fugees here
this morning. No Lauryn Hills.

Okay, my mom is the only person
in the room...

approximating the level
of "Shabbat shalom"-iness
that I think we can hit.

Sir, you're leaving. Why-- I--
It's customary to sneak out
after the Communion.

Now, give me something I can work with,
folks. Shabbat shalom!

- Shabbat shalom!
- All right! Now we're ready to daven!

I don't want to brag, but the word got
out that there was a new act in town...

and soon we were playing to
the packed houses I always knew
we'd been destined for.

I know. I know!
I-- I-- I know.
But seriously, what is the story
of Sodom and Gomorrah really about?

- Anybody. Steve Posner.
- Sexual perversion.

Sexual perversion.
Steve Posner's watching
a little too much Spice Channel, okay.

The Seven Deadly Sins.
Who can name the Seven Deadly Sins?