Keeping the Faith

God hates a solo artist,
I promise you.

We're gonna be the Fugees here
this morning. No Lauryn Hills.

Okay, my mom is the only person
in the room...

approximating the level
of "Shabbat shalom"-iness
that I think we can hit.

Sir, you're leaving. Why-- I--
It's customary to sneak out
after the Communion.

Now, give me something I can work with,
folks. Shabbat shalom!

- Shabbat shalom!
- All right! Now we're ready to daven!

I don't want to brag, but the word got
out that there was a new act in town...

and soon we were playing to
the packed houses I always knew
we'd been destined for.

I know. I know!
I-- I-- I know.
But seriously, what is the story
of Sodom and Gomorrah really about?

- Anybody. Steve Posner.
- Sexual perversion.

Sexual perversion.
Steve Posner's watching
a little too much Spice Channel, okay.

The Seven Deadly Sins.
Who can name the Seven Deadly Sins?

People, it was a very popular film
with Brad Pitt.
You have the ultimate Cliff note.

And Lot takes them in
and he protects them.

What happens next? Anybody.

Greta Nussbaum,
before she pulls her rotator cuff.

God spares Lot and his family.
Bingo! Two-week cruise for Greta!
You're goin' to the Bahamas!

You know,
when you think about it...

God is a lot like
Blanche Du Bois.

He's always relied on
the kindness of strangers.

And that's really what the story
is about-- it's about us
taking care of each other.

God relies on us
to take care of each other.

The truth is, I don't really
learn that much about your faith
by asking questions like that...

because those aren't really
questions about faith,
those are questions about religion.

And it's very important
to understand the difference
between religion and faith.

Because faith is not about
having the right answers.

Faith is a feeling.
Faith is a hunch, really.