Keeping the Faith

Or else forget about it
Come on, bring it. Nice.
Oh. So Ben Lewis comes into my office
this morning, tells me he's retiring.

- Rabbi Lewis?
- Yeah.

- Wow, that's the end of an era.
- I know.

But that's exciting. How long before
they give it over to you officially?

Well, I'm telling you,
there are a few backwards thinkers
on that board who just--

They don't get what I do.
You know?

Plus, there's the whole thing
about me being single.

- Single?
- Don't think that's not an issue.

Wait a minute, wait a minute,
are you seriously telling me that
if you don't find a nice Jewish girl...

and settle down in the next six months,
they're not gonna give you this job?

I'm seriously telling you
that-- that there's not been
a bachelor head rabbi of B'Nai Ezra...

since the beginning of the synagogue.
- Wow. I mean--
- I know. It's--

You'd better start
getting out there more.

- Tell me about it. It's embarrassing.
- Okay, okay, but forget about that.
You do want to meet somebody, right?

No, I'm just saying that I want
to meet somebody in a spontaneous
and casual manner, that's all.

- And it's almost impossible with me.
- Why? I don't understand that.

- Because I'm a rabbi.
- Yes. Yes. What's your point?

The point is that every time
I go out with a woman I don't know
if she likes me just for me...

or because I'm Rabbi Jake.
You know?
There's a certain expectation.

It's like, I can't go with my impulses.
I have to-- I don't know.

Jews want their rabbis
to be the kind of Jews that
they don't have the time to be.

Yeah, and Catholics want their priests
to be the kind of people
they don't have the discipline to be.

- So, we knew this getting into it.
- Right.

Oh, no, man. Check this out.
- God Squad in the house.
- What's up, Shabazz?

Okay, so, you gonna give it up, Rabbi,
or are we gonna have to
go through the motions?

Get ready to say your prayers, my
friends, 'cause I am in no mood today.

- Watch your ass, Shabazz!
- Come on

Turn me loose
Just turn it up
Power to the people, y'all