Keeping the Faith

- Turn it loose, hey
- Oh!

Shake hands with the 8-0-8
Like I said before
PE got a brand new funk

- Turn it up
- Bye.

- Good game, Shabazz.
- Tell your mother I said "hi."

All right.
Power to the people
I gotta quit playing with those guys
from Jewish Theological Seminary.

It really lowers the bar.
Oh, can I just say "oy"?
Amen to your "oy."
- What happened to our youth?
- I'm telling you, it ended at 30, pal.

Oh, hey, speaking of our youth,
I forgot to tell you something.

- What?
- This is big. Guess who called me.

- Who?
- Okay.

Think about who is the coolest woman
you and I have ever known, ever.

That's easy. Anna Reilly, eighth grade.
No question.

- You got it.
- What?

- She called you?
- Yeah.

- Anna Reilly called you?
- Yeah. Totally out of the blue.

- Why?
-'Cause she's coming to New York,
uh, for work...

and she wanted to get together
with us.

- She just looked me up.
- Really?

- Yeah.
- Anna Reilly. What is she doing now?

She-- She's, like, analyzing synergies,
or synergising analogies,
or, or some such thing.

I couldn't follow it. She's, like, this
very high-powered business-- You know.

- Woman?
- Woman, yes. Thank you.

- Wow. And you told her about us?
- Yeah. She flipped,
in a-- in a good way.

You know, I mean, she laughed for about
ten minutes, but she was excited.

- Man, that is so cool.
- I know.

I wonder why she called you.
What do you mean?
No, I mean, she called you.
- What, are you
in the eighth grade still?
- What? That's a legitimate question.

I just-- I mean, we're both listed.
Finn before Schram, okay?
You're ridiculous.

That's a good point.