Keeping the Faith

and she wanted to get together
with us.

- She just looked me up.
- Really?

- Yeah.
- Anna Reilly. What is she doing now?

She-- She's, like, analyzing synergies,
or synergising analogies,
or, or some such thing.

I couldn't follow it. She's, like, this
very high-powered business-- You know.

- Woman?
- Woman, yes. Thank you.

- Wow. And you told her about us?
- Yeah. She flipped,
in a-- in a good way.

You know, I mean, she laughed for about
ten minutes, but she was excited.

- Man, that is so cool.
- I know.

I wonder why she called you.
What do you mean?
No, I mean, she called you.
- What, are you
in the eighth grade still?
- What? That's a legitimate question.

I just-- I mean, we're both listed.
Finn before Schram, okay?
You're ridiculous.

That's a good point.

I think we should toss this.
We look like idiots.

- Shut up. We do not.
- You shut up.

- You think she's changed?
- No, I bet she still weighs 88 pounds
and listens to Leif Garrett.

For the record, it's Leif. Long "A."
Didn't you see the Behind the Music?

Hey, come on, admit it.
You're excited. This is gonna be great.

The three of us hanging together again?
I can't believe it.

- Is that her?
- No. No.

- Hail Mary.
- Mary.

- Full of... something.
- Full of something'.

Hello, boys.
- I don't understand.
- Well, basically, I'm like a plumber,
except I fix leaky corporations.

- Oh.
-Jake Schram.

- Yes.
- How are you? Who are you?

Tell me everything. Give me the 4-1 -1 .
I wanna know.

- Well--
-Job, girls, news.

Oh, now, hey, come on, come on.
I know him. I know him. Y-You start.
Catch us up right now.