Keeping the Faith

I think we should toss this.
We look like idiots.

- Shut up. We do not.
- You shut up.

- You think she's changed?
- No, I bet she still weighs 88 pounds
and listens to Leif Garrett.

For the record, it's Leif. Long "A."
Didn't you see the Behind the Music?

Hey, come on, admit it.
You're excited. This is gonna be great.

The three of us hanging together again?
I can't believe it.

- Is that her?
- No. No.

- Hail Mary.
- Mary.

- Full of... something.
- Full of something'.

Hello, boys.
- I don't understand.
- Well, basically, I'm like a plumber,
except I fix leaky corporations.

- Oh.
-Jake Schram.

- Yes.
- How are you? Who are you?

Tell me everything. Give me the 4-1 -1 .
I wanna know.

- Well--
-Job, girls, news.

Oh, now, hey, come on, come on.
I know him. I know him. Y-You start.
Catch us up right now.

- All right. Job is good. Really good.
- Men.

News: My parents
are happy and retired.

- And, uh--
- Men?
- I take yoga.

- Men.
- That's my life.

- No.
- Men.
- Come on.

- Don't cheat us. G-Give it up.
- I don't-- Relationships? Yada-ya--

I don't have time for relationships.
I work, like, 100 hours a week.

- You guys have no idea.
- Hey. Hey.

- Excuse me. I think that we work
pretty hard for a tough...
- Yeah, working for the--

- That's a...
- boss.
- full-time thing.

No, I work harder than God.
If He had, uh, hired me, He would have
made the world by Thursday.

Great. That's great. So you're saying
that we're just never going to see you.

- Is that-- This is the big kiss-off.
- No, for you guys I will make time.

- Wow. I feel special.
- That's my bag.

- I got it. I got it.
- I got it. I got it.

- I got it.
- I got it, man. I got-- No, I got it.
Let me-- Let me-- I-I can get it.

Okay. Thanks.
- You okay?
- Yep-- No-- Go.

Remember the names of some of those kids
we went to school with?

- Remember Aram Salaam?
- Mm-hmm. His father
was a diplomat, right?

He was always saying
he couldn't get a parking ticket
'cause he had diplomatic immunity.

- Remember Elan Portnoy?
- Yeah, he was always complaining.