Keeping the Faith

- Th-They--
- Yeah, but it really-- i-it seems to--

- I mean--
- It goes together well, don't you feel?

- Oh.
- My God. Get a--
- Oh, no, no. That's--

- Get away from the table.
- Whoa, no, no, no.

- Get out of here.
- No, no, no, no, no, no, no.
Whoa, whoa, whoa. That's okay. Hey.

Hey, here, here, here.
D-Don't-- Don't-- Here.

- Thank you. Thank you. Have a nice day.
- You're flushing it down the toilet.

- Thank you. Don't-- You don't wanna--
- He's gonna spend it on booze.

Well, I had a great time.
Thank you. It was wonderful.

Uh, good night.
- Don't you want to come up, tuck me in?
- I-I-I shouldn't.

Believe me, you should.
No, I can't. I-I--
You're a congregant, and-- You know?

I'm telling you, you can.
I want you to.

I-- I-- I would love to.
I just-- I-I have a-- I got a--
I have a friend at home.

- A friend?
- A male friend. A guy.

A dog. A male dog.
- A beautiful puppy named Pinchas.
- Pooch can wait.

- No, no, no, he's a Rottweiler.
-Just come up for a minute
or two or three.

No, no, no, no! No! Don't! Don't.
No, listen to me. This dog
is a codependent little puppy.

He needs my help,
or else he'll go to the bathroom
over everything. He does it.

Well, send me the cleaning bill.
Get outta here.

- No, no, no. Don't get out. No, stay.
I-- I would-- It's not gonna--
- You are making me crazy, Rabbi.

- You're making me so-- No. No.
-Just come on. Just come up for me.

- Come on! For a minute!
- I can't!

-Just come on!
- Aah! Are you okay? Good!

- Oh, wow.
- Go! Go! Go!

- Hey! Hey!
- Thanks! I had a wonderful time!
See you in shul!