Keeping the Faith

You're the best. You know that?
If only you were Jewish.

Yeah, well, nobody's perfect.
So, what'd you wear?
I'm not gonna tell you what I wore
on my date. Why should I do that?

I wanna get an image of a young rabbi
on the prowl. What's your game, man?

All right.
Navy blue button-down shirt.

It's a good colour for your eyes.

- Navy blue pinstripe suit.
- I can picture that.

yet with a quiet power.

That's me.
Chic but with a quiet power.

Black, Kenneth Cole, leather.
- Big.
- Ow!

Wanna hear about the special knot
in my tie?

Oh, baby, no.
We gotta save room for dessert.

- Don't give up hope. Okay?
- I'll keep it alive.

That's right.
Goodbye, Mr Sharp-Dressed Man.

Ah, nice.
I have a friend here
I thought you might want to see.

Will you now please turn
to page 508 for "Ein Keloheinu"?

I'm sorry, Raphae.
Just hang on one second here.

Guys, I gotta just say this
before we do this again...

because it's really
been bothering me.

"Ein Keloheinu. "
It's a joyous song.

It's a prayer
about praising the Lord...

telling the Lord how much
we love Him, or Her.

But no matter what I do, I can't
seem to be able to get you folks
to sing it with any feeling.

I mean, I brought in the band.
That didn't work.