Keeping the Faith

I brought in my bongos last week.
I think we can all agree
that was a backwards step.

So this morning I've decided to bring in
a little outside help.

Maury, if you would.
You can even sing along!
Come on! Have a little fun with it!

That's right! Get up! Get those butts
out of those chairs! Come on!

Up in the cheap seats!
I can't hear you up there!
Sing it out! Come on!

Over 70!
Come on! All the young Jews!
Hey! Congratulations!
You were wonderful!

- Great job!
- Rabbi! Rabbi!

This is my daughter.
Isn't she lovely?

This is astonishing.
This is a shul.

This is a house of worship.
Do you know what my grandfather
would do if he saw this?

This is my daughter Ruthie.
She's in college.
She's going to be a physiotherapist.

What a shaineh maidel you are.
Look at this.

Oh, Rabbi, you're so wonderful.
You know my daughter Hillary.

Mom, don't embarrass me. Hi.
Jake, Bonnie Rose. I don't think
you've met my daughter Rachel.

- Hi, Jake.
- Oh! Hi.

This is exciting. We don't get
a lot of celebrities in here.