Keeping the Faith

Hey! Congratulations!
You were wonderful!

- Great job!
- Rabbi! Rabbi!

This is my daughter.
Isn't she lovely?

This is astonishing.
This is a shul.

This is a house of worship.
Do you know what my grandfather
would do if he saw this?

This is my daughter Ruthie.
She's in college.
She's going to be a physiotherapist.

What a shaineh maidel you are.
Look at this.

Oh, Rabbi, you're so wonderful.
You know my daughter Hillary.

Mom, don't embarrass me. Hi.
Jake, Bonnie Rose. I don't think
you've met my daughter Rachel.

- Hi, Jake.
- Oh! Hi.

This is exciting. We don't get
a lot of celebrities in here.

One time, once, when I was really young,
we had, uh-- Bella Abzug showed up
for a bris, but that was--

Well, I've heard so much about you,
I had to come and see for myself.

- The service was wonderful.
- Oh--

You were really, really wonderful.
Well, we're all certainly aware
of your successes.

You know, she just moved
to network prime time.

Ooh, look at that.
We got in a live feed.

- Well, my mom does all my PR.
- I know what you mean. Mine too.

No, I mean really.
My mother's firm does all my PR.

-Jake, I'm at PMK.
- Oh.

- We got her special correspondent.
- Great.

You know, she just got back
from interviewing Arafat.

- Yassir?
- In Arabic.

- That's great. I didn't know that.
-Jake, what you don't know is a lot.

You two should get together.
- Sure.
- I'm free on Thursday.

Thursday. That's--
That's fine-- That's great.

- Okay.
- Okay, great. Well,
nice to see you, Bonnie.

Rabbi. Wonderful.
- This is Hillary--
- Oh! This is-- This is the man
you were telling-- Right. Yes, sir.

Well, I appreciate what you did
for us in the war, I really do.