Keeping the Faith

- Can I ask you a question?
- Yeah, obviously. Anything.

It's personal, so--
- Okay, wait a second.
Are we gonna have the sex talk here?
Is that what this is gonna be?

You're my friend,
and I wanna know how this works for you.

- It's fine. Fire away.
- Really?
- "Really?"

- No-- Okay. Okay.
- Yeah, no, come on. Come on.
I know you got a list.

- Okay.
- Okay.

- Well, you don't, right?
- No. Right.

- At all.
- At all.

So, have you ever?
- Yes!
- Had sex?
- Yes.

- With women.
- Yes.
- So you're not gay?

- Oh, no. No.
- Are you sure?

Yes, but even if I was,
the rules are the same.

- Okay.
- Right.

- Do you miss it?
- No.
- Are you tempted?

- Oh, admit it. If they changed
the rules, you'd be psyched.
- I don't even think about it.

- Do you fantasize?
- I have dreams sometimes,
but not really.

- How is that possible?
- What, specifically?
- I've seen the way women look at you.

- Even though they know you're a priest.
Especially when they know, actually.
- I'm not blind, okay?

- Okay, so how do you deal with that?
- It's not an issue for me.

- It's really not. It's not--
- Really?
- Yeah, I'm past that point. It's--

I'm completely committed to what I do.
I really am.

To my work, to ministering to people.
It defines me completely as a person.

- A-And it fulfills me. You know?
I'm very happy.
- Hmm.

And, and that, that particular
sacrifice is-- It's a gesture.
It's a symbol of my commitment.

- That's quite a gesture.
- Yeah, I know it seems that way.

But, you know, I-- It's like
when people quit smoking, and,
and the first year is really tough...

and then people
can light up right in front of you
and it doesn't even bother you.

I quit smoking two years ago.
When people smoke in front of me,
I want to French-kiss them...

just to suck the smoke
out of their lungs, okay?

- Well, don't be a priest.
- I-- God!

I really admire your commitment.
- Well--
- I don't think I could take it.

You've given up all kinds of things
for what you do. You--

Yeah, but there comes a point
where I just crave contact.

You know? Like, I-I wanna
touch someone and be touched.