Keeping the Faith

You might as well
take her to Houlihan's.
You cannot take Rachel Rose to Ernie's.

- Definitely not Ernie's.
Definitely not. Mm-mmm. Uh-oh.
- No, you gotta take her

- No, hot. Definitely hot.
- Well, what's--
Okay, what's new and hot?

- What do we know about this girl?
- Rachel Rose, 29 years old,
Columbia School of Journalism.

- Middle East affairs expert.
- Perfect. Middle Eastern.

She can order in Arabic. Give her
a chance to shine. What's a good place?

Delphini's. Definitely Delphini's.
Four stars, New York Times.
Definitely Delphini's.

- Need a reservation. Delphini's.
- Now, are you gonna wear a suit,
or are you gonna go cas'?

I don't know. I don't know.
I hadn't thought about it. I guess cas'.

-No, suit.
-No, suit. Definitely suit. Definitely--

Hey, shut up, Rain Man.
Seriously. Enough, all right?

- Now you're making me think about this.
- Oh, relax. You'll do great.

Hey, what if you guys came with me?
What, you wanna bring a priest
to your first good date in two years?
That-- What kind of a strategy is that?

I don't want to bring a priest.
I wanna bring my friend Brian
and his girlfriend Anna.

We could m-make it like a double date.
Come on.

Pretend you're a couple. What's wrong
with that? What, are you busy? Huh?

- You can bring your cell phone. You'll
be totally connected the whole time.
- I'm always busy.

- That's not the point.
- What's the point, then?

- The point is, you're old enough
to date without a chaperone.
- Amen.

I don't need a chaperone, I just
need some help. Come on. Guys, please?

I'm begging you.
Yeah, that's the way the business
is going. People want their news
to have more of an edge.

- That's why Brokaw stands now.
- What?

Tom Brokaw. He stands up
when he reads the news.

- The whole time?
- Yeah.

- He does?
- Well, he's been doing it
for about a year now.

- Really?
- Mm-hmm.
- I gotta watch the news more.

You know, I saw your saringas report.
It was very powerful.

Thanks. I really earned my stripes
with that piece.

Mmm. I earned my stripes by getting
through a bris without fainting.

- I talked Mc Donald's
out of the Mc Oyster.
- And a grateful nation thanks you.

- Made me a star.
- So, how long have you two
been together?

- Oh, right, uh--
- Oh, God, like-- Oh, we go way back.

We've all known each other since we were
kids, 'cause we grew up together.

- I used to have a crush on Anna.
- Really?

- I told you that.
- Did not!
- She knew that.

- No, you didn't.
- Mm-hmm.
- No, you didn't.