Keeping the Faith

You got me.
Take me away. Okay.

It's a little bit expensive,
but let me tell you, it's worth it.

- When you sing to your girlfriend...
- Uh-huh.

and her heart-- Shoo! Boom!--
fall down on the floor...

then you say,
"Thank you, Don!"

Okay, how much
does it cost exactly?

All right.
Here's the real deal, okay?

Um, I don't usually do this,
but you guys look like cool guys...

and, uh, I got
a little piece of ass last night,
so I'm feeling extra generous.

- Oh.
- I'm gonna let you guys
have it for 1 ,300.

- Thirteen hundred?
- Final offer.

- Oh. Excuse me. I just got a--
I got a little warm there.
- Yeah.

- My friend, he gets--
he gets a little warm.
- Yeah.

Aw, man!
What is that? What is th--
Get outta here with that!

- Is that real?
- Oh, yeah.

Trust me, they'll love you. These guys
are fascinated by anyone who can survive
on less that a hundred grand a year.

All right, okay.
I feel ready for this.

You wanna give me some special
business terms so I sound like I know
what I'm talking about?

- Standard B.S.C. deal.
- What does that mean?

- Booze, schmooze and cruise, dude.
- Ah.

Wait. How do I look?
- You look incredible.
- Do I have anything in my teeth?

Uh, let me see. No.
- You look perfect.
- Thank you.
You ready for this, Rabbi?

- Not at all.
- Oh.
- Let's do it anyway.

What you think
What you feel now
What you know
- To be real
- Hey, Anna, come here.

We're doing shots. You gotta do--
Hey, I'm sorry. Just gotta
borrow her for one second.

All right. You think you can talk.
This woman can talk.

- Oh, Len.
- No, you know you can, Anna.

- What you know
- Thank you.