Keeping the Faith

Trust me, they'll love you. These guys
are fascinated by anyone who can survive
on less that a hundred grand a year.

All right, okay.
I feel ready for this.

You wanna give me some special
business terms so I sound like I know
what I'm talking about?

- Standard B.S.C. deal.
- What does that mean?

- Booze, schmooze and cruise, dude.
- Ah.

Wait. How do I look?
- You look incredible.
- Do I have anything in my teeth?

Uh, let me see. No.
- You look perfect.
- Thank you.
You ready for this, Rabbi?

- Not at all.
- Oh.
- Let's do it anyway.

What you think
What you feel now
What you know
- To be real
- Hey, Anna, come here.

We're doing shots. You gotta do--
Hey, I'm sorry. Just gotta
borrow her for one second.

All right. You think you can talk.
This woman can talk.

- Oh, Len.
- No, you know you can, Anna.

- What you know
- Thank you.

To be real
See? That's the guy's problem, right?
He's afraid to drive.

If the guy would just go down the middle
with some, you know, like Sprewell.

- Same thing. Hey.
- Excuse me, Rabbi.

I'm sorry to interrupt, but there's
a question of Talmudic precedent
that requires your immediate attention.

- Ah, excuse me.
- My love is your love

- Our love is here to stay
- Very good.
- Charming.

Where'd you learn that?

- Look at the city.
- What you think
- I think I love you

What you feel now
I feel I need you
Do you think Len
was a Ritalin child?

- He still is.
- Those guys love you.

Hmm. They love me
'cause I bust their balls.

No, no, no. I mean,
they really respect you.

It's amazing.
You should be running that company.

- Actually, they want me to.
- What do you mean?

Um, they want-- asked me to run the
high tech group back in San Francisco.

- Anna. Are you serious?
- Mm-hmm.

- That's--
- I kind of knew it was coming.

I mean, who else
were they gonna give it to?