Keeping the Faith

To be real
See? That's the guy's problem, right?
He's afraid to drive.

If the guy would just go down the middle
with some, you know, like Sprewell.

- Same thing. Hey.
- Excuse me, Rabbi.

I'm sorry to interrupt, but there's
a question of Talmudic precedent
that requires your immediate attention.

- Ah, excuse me.
- My love is your love

- Our love is here to stay
- Very good.
- Charming.

Where'd you learn that?

- Look at the city.
- What you think
- I think I love you

What you feel now
I feel I need you
Do you think Len
was a Ritalin child?

- He still is.
- Those guys love you.

Hmm. They love me
'cause I bust their balls.

No, no, no. I mean,
they really respect you.

It's amazing.
You should be running that company.

- Actually, they want me to.
- What do you mean?

Um, they want-- asked me to run the
high tech group back in San Francisco.

- Anna. Are you serious?
- Mm-hmm.

- That's--
- I kind of knew it was coming.

I mean, who else
were they gonna give it to?

Listen to you. You're like--
That's incredible.

Yeah? Well, if you think I had
no life before, I mean, I'll disappear.

Yes, but this is-- this is
everything you've worked for, right?

- I'm so proud of you.
I'm so happy for you.
- Really?

- Yeah, of course, really.
- Well...

here's the thing, Jake.
I've been thinking about it,
and, um...

I'm excited, but I'm not as excited
as I am about you and me...

and so I don't think I wanna go,
because I wanna be near you.

So I thought I'd put in
for a transfer and stay here.

What do you think?
Um, that's...
- Um--
- It is?
- Yeah.

Are you sure that
that is the best thing?

- Oh, I--
- For-- For you?

Oh. I don't know. I--
- I thought you'd be excited.
- No. No, no, no. I am.
I'm just-- I'm just--

I-- I'm sorry. I thought--
Am I off base here?