Keeping the Faith

When you look at me,
when you look at my life...

do you say to yourself,
"Now there's a girl whose values
are all out of whack"?

No, and certainly not
in that voice.

- Have I got no spirit?
- What?

I don't mean "spirit."
I know I'm fun to hang out with.

But, I mean, does my life
seem shallow to you?

- Am I spiritually empty?
- No.

Are you-- Are you crazy?
You've got-- You've got more spirit
in you than half the goofballs
running around in robes out there.

What-- You're a natural.
You radiate. What--

Trust me. What-- What's going on here?
What's this really about?

I don't even know
where to begin, Brian.

You're my best friend, and I have been
keeping all this stuff from you.

All these feelings.
And, um, now, something has happened,
and I can't keep it from you any more.
I feel bad.

- No, it's okay. I understand.
- No, it's not okay.

I have some things I have to tell you,
and I feel bad.

I know, me too, me too.
I have things I gotta tell you too.

- But mine are big.
- No.
- Mine are really bad...

- No.
- and I think I need
to get it off because--

- Okay. It's okay.
- Oh, please, just listen. I don't--

- I love you too.
- What?

I love you. That's what you're trying
to say, but you're scared because it's
me, and so I'm gonna say it first.

- Br-Brian, um--
- No, it's okay. Trust me.

- Oh, Brian.
- Trust me, trust me.

- We can't fight it. It's too strong.
- What?

It's okay.
No, Brian, I can't!
It's the vows, isn't it?
It's the vows.
They make you feel guilty.

I can't believe it. God, I should
have never had that sex talk
with you on the bridge that day.

- I knew it.
- No.
- I knew it.

In the back of my head was this little
voice saying, "Don't go there. She's--"

- Brian, you don't understand.
- You wanna know something?

Right now, first time ever,
I feel jealous of Jake.